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Interview = Client Experience Tryout

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A simple reminder to candidates interviewing in the wealth management space: If you are interviewing for a position in a practice, your interviews and communication throughout the process will be evaluated through the lens of a “client experience.” Firm/practice owners spent years building relationships and you are not just “trying out” based on your credentials and experience but also how you will represent the firm brand when communicating with clients.

Eddy Ricci, Jr., CFP ®, CEPA ®: I have seen a candidate not receive an offer because they sent a thank you email.  Although most employers in the wealth management space are shocked at the lack of thank you emails from candidates after interviews, we had one client firm decide to NOT make an offer to a seemingly great candidate after reading their thank you email.   The reason:  the email had one typo in it. The employing firm viewed this as a lack of attention to detail. The candidate’s credentials, experience, chemistry with the interviewers throughout the process and four rounds of interviews didn’t matter because of a typo.

Michael P. Connaughton, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®: Responsiveness, attention to detail, clear communication, professionalism and presentability can be more important than experience and designations when interviewing to join an established wealth management practice.  We’ve seen various candidates with impressive backgrounds and credentials that have banked on their experience and have taken the aforementioned for granted. In turn opening the door for others who may be less experienced but demonstrated through their follow up, communication style, and professional approach within the interview process that they are a better match to serve longstanding client relationships.

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