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Private Research is Lead Advisor’s premium content series that is delivered hardcopy to your mailbox, every month. Our Talent and Firm Building series is curated for wealth management practice owners, firm executives and hiring personnel to get the updated pulse on human capital trends and happenings. After client building, creating firm infrastructure through talent acquisition and development is most critical to business growth. Private Research’s content stems from being on the front lines, every day either consulting with practice owners and decision makers about their firm building needs or interviewing industry candidates looking to make a career move. 

Private Research will include content on:

  • What you must know today, on industry human capital
  • Talent attraction strategies
  • What candidates are looking for, today
  • Compensation trends 
  • Employee development and retention tactics
  • Case studies on growth focused practices
  • Thought leadership from trending business books
The monthly periodical will be delivered, hard copy to subscribers and is cancellable anytime.
Private Research is small investment to keep your thinking and your firm sharp on finding and developing wealth management human capital.

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Private Research is usually mailed by the 10th of each month. 

Monthly subscriptions are cancellable anytime.  

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Introductory Pricing:  $60/ month

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