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Advice On Your Hoppy Resume

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Generation Y, the majority of the workforce, is changing jobs approximately every 2.5 years.  What tips do you have for a wealth management support candidate who has a resume that looks like they jumped around too much?!

Eddy Ricci, Jr., CFP ®, CEPA ® A candidate resume that is too “hoppy” can easily be overlooked in any industry, but especially with independent wealth management practice. “Early departures” have greater consequences in an advisor-owned practice versus a larger, “layered” corporation.  One first tip is to ensure your resume doesn’t appear “HOPPY” when your career really hasn’t been. Did the advisor/team you were working for change platforms? Put that as a bullet point!  Was there a merger, acquisition, layoff situation? Put that.  Did you physically move locations?- highlight that! Are you listing many roles within the same conglomerate that appears to look like different companies, etc.  Were you HOPPY before DISCOVERING the wealth management field?- highlight the industry change!  And as always, when you get an interview, just own the situation and never resort to blaming or shaming! “

Michael P. Connaughton, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®: There are plenty of legitimate reasons for making a change to a new firm in a relatively short period, but if you fail to highlight the WHY you’re likely to be overlooked for an initial interview, despite your background and qualifications. Did your goals change? Did the firm’s goals change? Are you unable to advance your career in the way you envisioned?  Concisely document your reason for making a transition within your resume so it’s clear to the reader why you have moved on and be prepared to explain the changes in detail should you make it to the interview process.

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