Next Generation Client Experiences

Adding client value is critical in the commoditized world of wealth management. In an effort to build deeper client relationships, drive more client referrals, and provide additional services beyond traditional financial planning, we’ve created a client experience program offering customized unique experiences and additional services centered around the next generation of your clients.

With the ongoing pandemic, we know that traditional client experiences such as dinners, seminars, tickets to events, will likely not occur in the same capacity in 2021. In addition to being able to still offer high impact, customized first-class virtual events for your clients, our platform also focuses on building relationships with the next generation. Over the next 25 years, 45 million households will transfer over $68 Trillion in wealth. The need to connect with the next generation can be a critical component in continuing to manage the family wealth upon transfer, but also can add tremendous value to a parent’s top priority, the well-being of their children.

Advisors on our platform will be able to share unique, entertaining and educational experiences to their clients (along with children and guests of clients) throughout the year. These services will be branded for you to ensure our clients know that the experiences and services are exclusively because they are clients of yours.

Your clients and their guests will have access to livestreams with thought leaders on:

  • Helping parents teach their kids about financial literacy
  • Leadership and trends for business owners and executive clients
  • Career coaching to help your clients advance their career
  • College admissions experts to help clients navigate college selection

We will work with you or a team member to brand invitations for your practice and assist with attendee lists, guest lists and other logistical work.  You can use these experiences as part of your client onboarding process, prospecting process and providing relevant learning and tools to connect with your clients and the next generation.