For Employers:  Planning Practices Showing Thanks….To Their Team

It’s November, the season of gratitude and we know many wealth management firms take client appreciation very seriously!  Whether it’s a special event for A+ clients or a unique gift, client appreciation is front and center.  We wanted to share some ways we have seen practices take some interesting approaches to EMPLOYEE appreciation (in both small and big ways). 

  • We know of a single owner practice with four lead and service advisors that gave their advisor team (mostly) the month of December off because they reached their growth goals through November. We believe their operations and service teams had some more flexibility as well.  This form of appreciation (and incentive) was shared at the beginning of the year.  We could probably do a whole case study on this!


  • We know of another firm, that offers a three to six month sabbatical, to one employee each year once they have over six years of experience with the firm. The time is intended to spend with family, travel and also work on a skill or initiative that can help move the firm forward.  Employees would usually come back also with a new designation or course passed.


  • We also know a number of other firms or practices that would do a full client appreciation day including a first class lunch and gift cards to spend while taking the afternoon off.


  • We have also seen creative appreciation throughout the year by firms having a list of their employees’ children birthdays and sending a gift from the firm. (Unsure of their approach to ADULT children of their employees!)

On the smaller scale, here are some gifts we have seen during the holiday season:

  • Wrapping paper set sent prior to the holiday season
  • Buying each employee a Turkey for Thanksgiving!
  • Subscription to Master Class or other online subscriptions
  • Family Photography Session
  • Purchasing tickets to an event the owner knows their employee is passionate about (ex: sporting event, Broadway show, museum, exhibit, etc.)