Welcome to the Lead Advisor, LLC Careers Community and STREAM service.

A Few Notes:

  • The professionals that have created a profile in the community and that are in the search functionality may not be actively pursuing a career change at this very moment.
  • Some professionals may have created profiles months ago, and may not have updated their experience, licenses, desired compensation and other details. When interviewing candidates it would be advised to get an updated resume and understanding of active credentials.  Also, to get an understanding of what is important to them in their career and desired compensation.
  • Due to certain jurisdictions, we do NOT ask about certain background topics.
  • The PASSWORD to the CAREERS RESOURCES Page is:  lacareers

Please see below for instructions on:

  1. How to create a Professional/Candidate Profile
  2. Listing a New Role for Employers
  3. Searching profiles for Employers

1. How to create a professional/candidate profile:

  1. Select the home button at the top.
  2. Click on profile on the left.
  3. Select Positions of Interest. Click the arrow to see the options of positional categories. —-We categorize all roles into 5-7 categories. Please select the types of roles you would be interested in. 
  4. Select Regions of Interest. Click the arrow to see the options of geographic regions.
    1. Please select what areas of the country you would be willing to physically work.
  5. Type in how many years of financial services experience you have.
  6. Click on “upload resume” to Upload a PDF version of your resume.
  7. Type in desired compensation.
    1. Please type out the number in full without using shorthand of “k”.
  8. Please click the arrow next next to designations and licenses and choose your active credentials.
  9. Optional to put a link to a you-tube video introducing yourself.
  10. Please copy and paste your Linkedin profile link in the Linkedin section.
  11. In the profile summary space, please write anything you’d like the community or potential hiring firms to know about you!
  12. Be sure to hit SAVE in the upper right hand corner when you are done!
  13. To delete your profile, simply hit the red “Delete Account.”

Once your profile is completed you will receive future job alerts via email sharing opportunities that meet the criteria you put in.    

Your profile would also be sent to employers who have an active role on the platform where you meet their criteria.  Also, your profile may appear in employer searches based on the content you input.


2. Employers:  How to post a role:

  1. Click on the EMPLOYER TAB.
  2. Click on ROLES on the left
  3. Click on the “CREATE ROLE” BUTTON on the right side.
    1. TITLE= Name of the role you are hiring for
    2. EMAIL you wish = what email address will be alerted for new candidates that fit what you are looking for AND for professionals to reach out to you for more information
    3. POSITION: Select from the drop down menu of what “POISITION CATEGORY” this role falls into
    4. REGION: Select the appropriate geography for the region
    5. SALARY: Please put in the base salary of the role or lower end of the range
    6. LICENSES/DESIGNATIONS: select what credentials candidates should have
    7. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: minimum years of experience for the role?
    8. DESCRIPTION: Please copy or type in the actual role description and any other information that is important for the candidate.   Please put the RANGE of compensation here if required by jurisdiction.
    9. Address: Please put address of location if required to be on site
  6. To Edit the role: Go to ROLES AND SELECT the “pencil” icon
  7. To Delete the role: Go to ROLES AND SELECT the “trash can” icon

Once your role is created, the email address you assigned to the role will receive alerts of professionals that are onboarded in the future that meet your criteria.   The role will also appear in ROLE SEARCH for professionals.


3. How to search for professionals:

There may be a professional already in the community that could be a match.   To see profiles of existing professionals in the community:

  1. Click on the EMPLOYER TAB.
  2. Click on PROFILE SEARCH on the left hand side.
  3. Click the small arrow next to SELECT FIELD to start your sorting criteria.
  4. Once you have selected FIELD – Please select the criteria.
  5. You may add multiple fields to narrow the pool.
  6. Names will appear below that meet your inputted criteria.
  7. Click on the “eye” icon to view the profile of the professional.
  8. Press the BACK BUTTON on your browser to return to the pool you create